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Do you know self-love can help you to increase your productivity?

Do you know Loving yourself can help to boost confidence?

Choose Self Love Today.

Join us for a 2-hour Workshop with Ms. Megha Bhatia. This workshop will focus on the importance of self-love, boosting confidence, building a positive attitude towards your body, finding your strength, meditation, etc. It's not just a workshop but an experience.

The workshop has been planned with various interactive activities such as:

- Treasure Hunt

- Interaction/Polls

- Vision Board Activity

- Positive Affirmations, and

- Music

- Get FREE Audio Knowledge weekly episodes

- Get FREE worksheets on Self Love

Megha Bhatia is a renowned TEDx speaker, founder of OUR VOIX, and the recipient of the India Volunteer Award 2019 and has been conducting various workshops on self-love for the people of all over the world.

Let's unwrap our potential and ignite self-love. Reconnect with your inner shine and love. The instance has come to give that space to yourself where you grow, dream, believe, and have faith. Take that step towards self-love and meet the most important person that your soul has been waiting for i.e you.