Self love Box
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When was the last time you went on a date with yourself? When was the last time you gave a tight hug to yourself? Time to give yourself the much needed Me Time with SELF LOVE BOX. It is not just a box but an experience.

What’s Inside the Self Love Box?

  1. Notebook- Swipe Right to Yourself

Show love & compassion to yourself through recognition and actions. Use this notebook to write your goals and dreams. It will help you to start the self-love journaling practice. 

  1. Mug

The Mug will remind you with a message to pause, breathe and let go of all your worries and love yourself. The best way to inculcate the message of self-love in your day when you are having your coffee, tea, water or green tea

  1. Grateful Jar

Be grateful for all the things you have in your life and count your blessings. By writing things that you are grateful about will produce dopamine. Write the things that you are grateful for every day and after a month read all the things that you have written.

  1. Pocket Size Inspirational Book on Self Love

The booklet includes positive affirmations to ignite the inner shine in you. It can help you to think positive and see life from a different perspective. A must thing to make you happy during the blue days.

  1. Pencils with a Message

Express it through a pencil that you love yourself.

  1. 5 Day challenge on Self Love

Activity sheets to help you grow in the journey of life.

Get a Self Love Workshop worth Rs 500 FREE with the SELF LOVE BOX